About Us

Stans Manjimup Farm Machinery is a privately owned, small business with some fair-dinkum, hard-working staff.  We specialise in quality farm machinery, equipment, parts and service. 

Our motto is “We Deliver” and that is exactly what we strive to do, every single day. Here at Stans, we’re proudly continuing on an iconic name and a great business, established more than 30 years ago.

The old Stan’s Machinery building built in 1926, used to be where the new Woolworths complex is. You can still see the heritage-listed palm trees as you head into Manjimup’s town centre along Ralston Street.
Originally, the building was a butter factory.  Built in 1926, the factory brought industrialisation to the district, turning cream into butter and exporting it to the world.

As conditions changed, the factory closed down and our dairy farmers found new destinations for their milk and cream. The building was reinvented with the opening of Stan's Machinery, which in that location, served our great farming community for three decades.

Stans continues to serve our local producers, providing great products and service at our new location 45 Mottram Street, Manjimup, Western Australia.